RF Recorder / Player (25MHz – 3.0GHz  & Higher Frequency range)  
  ADIVIC RF recorder/receiver is an exquisite RF-engineering tool for both field testing & performance testing that has been engineered for all existing RF communications & modulation schemes, analogue & digital. It is also capable of RF signal real-time record and play.  
Captures LIVE RF signals/ Interference signals in the air.  
Captured signals can be saved as file, played back as IF or RF signals  
Captured RF signals can be exported to MATLAB for Analysis  
Supports all Signal formats – Mobile standards, Audio & Video Broadcast standards, Navigational standards,  Wireless standards (Wimax, Bluetooth, WLAN etc)
Regenerates RF Signals from MATLAB file format
Store LARGE amount of RF signal data with GPS Location details (integrated with GOOGLE maps)
  GPS Function  
  GPS function log function  
Supports the recording of the GPS NEMA.  
The data can be transmitted via Ethernet to other PCs installed with Google earth software and ADIVIS’s utility software  
Users can freely define the power level color class and the rate of GPS location updated accordingly to each recording length and mobile speed
  GPS record scenario  
ADIVIC, GPS option can record low-power-level signals, such as GPS signals with its package kits.  
An active antenna  is used in this case however via the passive input port to the recorder in order to get maximum gain  
Incorporates a hardware capture module covering the range from 25MHz – 3.0GHz.
Have two RF interfaces which can support active & passive antenna types.
Swap SDD which allows privacy of data & eSATA interface to extend the storage ability.
Remote control function using RJ45 interface.
Supports segmented play functions.
User defined start & stop points in any RF file to play.


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