Rohde & Schwarz,  one of the World’s largest Manufacturers of Electronics Test & Measuring Equipment. These products set standards in RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION and SERVICE.
The product portfolio offer Instruments & Systems for Testing Mobile Radio and Wireless Technologies


Wireless Communications products  
Signal & Spectrum Analyzers - KHz to GHz ranges  
    Spectrum Analyzers – Handheld, Bench top, High performance series  
    Signal Analyzers  
    Real Time Spectrum Analyzers  
    Modulation Analyzers  

Signal Generators - KHz to GHz ranges

    RF & Microwave Vector Signal Generators  
    RF & Microwave Analog Signal generators  
    Microwave Signal generators  
    Baseband Signal Generators
Vector Network Analyzers – Covering KHz to GHz ranges, single to multiport Analyzers
    Vector Network Analyzers – Two port  and Multiport
EMC & Field Strength Test Solutions – Pre-compliance Test systems
Power Meters & Voltmeters – RF & Microwave Ranges
Audio Analyzers
Digitizing Oscilloscope – SCOPE OF THE ART
    Real Time Digital Oscilloscope 500MHz, 1GHz,  4GHz & more


Signal Generator – RF & Microwave Frequency Range  
Spectrum & Signal Analyzer –  RF & Microwave Frequency Range  
Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) – 3.6GHz, 8GHz, 13.6GHz, 40GHz or more  
Digital Storage Oscilloscope – up to 4GHz  
Mixed Signal Oscilloscope  
Radio Monitoring System  
EMI/EMC Pre-compliance Trainer  
Material Measurement System (Study of Microwave absorption of Materials)  
Field Strength measurement / Study of Mobile Tower Radiations  
General purpose Test & Measurement instruments  

Video Products

  Infotainment Test Solution for Automotive
Testing of Car stereo performance
Testing of Navigation system performance etc.,

HAMEG :  ( A Rohde & Schwarz Company )   is noted for rugged and economically priced products for more than fifty years. A wide range of goods for various applications characterizes our product range.

State of the Art Oscilloscopes  
    Mixed Signal Oscilloscope – 50MHz to GHz range  
    Digital Oscilloscope – 70MHz to GHz and more  

Spectrum analyzer

    Affordable  1GHz, 3GHz Analyzers  
EMI Measurement Solutions  
EMC Precompliance Set 3 (3 GHz)  
    The EMI pre compliance Set consist of all necessary instruments and software to measure typical EMI problems. It includes the modern spectrum analyzer HMS3000, the Line Impedance Stabilization Network HM6050-2 , the HZ540 probe set and the HM EMC Pre-Compliance software for Windows.  

Power Supplies

    Triple output power Supplies  
    Quadruple High performance power supplies  
    Arbitrary Power Supplies  
    Programmable Power Supplies  
Programmable Measuring Instruments
    Function Generator / Arbitrary waveform generator – 12.5MHz, 25MHz, 50MHz
    6.5digit Digital Multi meter
    8KW Power Meter
    200KHz LCR Bridge
    RF Synthesizer – 1.2GHz, 3GHz
    Universal Counter
Modular System Series
    4.5digit DMM, LCR meter, Function Generator, Power Supply
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