Spirent Communications plc is a global leader in test and measurement inspiring innovation within development labs, communication networks and IT organisations. It enable today's communication ecosystem as well as tomorrow's emerging enterprises to deploy life enriching communications networks, devices, services and applications.  

SPIRENT Communications being experts on next-generation communication networks, devices and applications, provide valuable counsel to many of the leading communication standards organizations. SPIRENT has pioneered testing of Ethernet networks, IP Telephony and VoIP, VPNs, Multiplay, Cloud Computing environments, Data Center networks, CDMA applications, and Location Based Services. SPIRENT is helping to test the first deployments of the next-generation Internet or IPv6 networks in Asia, Europe and North America. The areas of expertise include:

Broadband Networking : MPLS, DOCSIS 3.0, DSL, Gigabit Ethernet, and IP.  
Convergence : VoIP, IP VPNs, IPTV.
Next-Generation Internet : IPv6.
Wireless : HSPA+, LTE, 3G/4G, CDMA, UMTS, MIMO & Advanced Antenna Technique, and Location Based Services.
Enterprise Networks :Cloud computing, virtualization, load testing, system performance, and network & application security.
Satellite Navigation : GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou-2, Galileo.
  Performance & flexibility  

From portable field testing to high port density, large scale lab environments, Spirent Test Center solutions support the broadest array of testing scenarios with the unparalleled benefits of a unified platform.

Stateful Layer 2-7 Traffic Generation and Analysis  
1/10/40/100 GigE, Fibre Channel, ATM, POS Module Support
IPv6 and IPv4
Conformance, Functional and Performance Testing
Performance, Availability, Security and Scalability Methodologies
Evaluate the stability of switches, routers and edge devices under static or dynamic load conditions for minutes, hours and days.  
Characterize and troubleshoot functional behavior (including negative testing) of new network functionality in the development lab or before deployment into the operational network.
Evaluate key performance parameters such as per-flow QoS, fail-over time or Access Control Lists (ACL); filtering performance.
Perform comparative analysis of devices or services with deterministic traffic during product development cycles or vendor comparisons.
When used in conjunction with any of Spirent Test Center's additional protocol packages the system can emulate complex network topologies and traffic conditions.
  With the explosion of Smartphone’s  and tablets, and the apps that run on them, the makeup of today’s network traffic is fundamentally different now than just a few years ago. To deal with this, the network is becoming more intelligent with the deployment of next-generation systems such as application firewalls, UTM (unified threat management), and DPI (deep packet inspection) engines. With this application awareness the network has the ability to implement intelligent traffic management, security and QoS (quality of service) policies that are tied to specific application and user characteristics.  

Spirent Studio Performance is a purpose-built testing solution that recreates a mix of application traffic based on real applications running on real devices in your production environment from a cloud-based test store of thousands of test cases. The store, Spirent Test Cloud, is updated every month to ensure that your applications and network infrastructure will perform and scale under real-world conditions and loads.

Measure the accuracy of application detection and classification engines: Catch "false positives", in which an application is misclassified, by testing with hundreds of popular application profiles.  
Test the impact of security policies on application performance: Model the production mix of application profiles, coupled with the latest security attacks, to gauge real-world performance.
Benchmark scalability numbers of real users on the network: Identify network capacity by simulating real-world application mixes and security attacks.
Test the effectiveness of application QoS policies on traffic management: Recreate production-level mixes of application traffic to trigger different policies.
Showcase the application-aware capabilities of an intelligent networking device: Recreate mixes of application traffic to mimic production network profiles for demos, pre-sales or POC (proof-of-concept) labs.
  With the growth and adoption of technologies like TCP/IP, Ethernet and the Web, network infrastructure is more open and accessible than ever before making it easier for widespread damage to occur. Areas such as Unified Threat Management (UTM), Cyber Security, Cloud services, Critical Infrastructure, Unified Communications and Enterprise Storage are all seeing rapid growth using these technologies, yet at the same time they are exposed to a sophisticated and growing list of persistent threats including cyber attacks, data ex-filtration and malformed traffic. With millions of applications, devices and users active on the network and thousands of attacks being discovered every day, test teams are struggling to quickly and effectively test the security aspects of their systems and networks.  

Spirent Studio Security creates a simple, powerful workflow, including scripting-free customization for testing unique protocols and remediation tools that shorten the time to troubleshoot and fix defects. The result is increased product quality and accelerated time to market.

Measure the ability of the network device to detect and prevent thousands of known attacks.  
Test the resiliency of the network device by verifying its ability to deal with millions of unexpected and malicious inputs.
Test the reliability of a network device by generating negative tests for virtually any protocol interaction including custom protocols and proprietary extensions.
Measure the ability of the network device to withstand targeted DDoS attacks.
Test the capabilities of the target to inspect traffic for malware, unwanted URLs and spam and take appropriate action.
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