Yokogawa has been involved in the testing field since its founding and has contributed to numerous industries through its supply of test and measurement equipment. Yokogawa measuring instruments play indispensable roles in the development and production of electrical, electronic, and automotive equipment. The Company meets customer needs with a wide-ranging product lineup and an extensive range of calibration and other services. The Wide range of products form Yokogawa Includes Power Analyzers, Portable Data Loggers, Calibrators, Clamp on Power Meter, Recorder.  
  Power Analyzers  
High end model with world-class accuracy and stability
Simultaneous measurement of voltage, current, power & harmonic
High speed data updating
Vivid waveform and vector display
Three phase and harmonic measurement
Compaq design
High speed(up to 100MS/s)
Multi channel, up to 128 Voltage or 128 logic bits
Continuous hard disk recording at 100kS/s simultaneously on 16 channels
  Data Logger  
Universal insulated input
Easy to read screen
Data acquisition @ 100ms
With standard LAN port
Large amount of data acquisition
Independent temperature & voltage channel allocation
Employs Compaq flash & SD cards
  Clamp-on Power Meters  
Simultaneous & instantaneous measurements of value, electric energy, demand, harmonics and voltage fluctuation
Simultaneous measurement of loads in 4 systems
Measure up to 50th order harmonic
Long time data logging using Compaq flash memory


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