Audio Analyzers

UPV Audio Analyzer
UPP Audio Analyzer
UPZ Audio Switcher

Key Facts

  • Suitable for all interfaces
    (analog, digital and combined)
  • Simultaneous display of multiple measurement functions
  • Sampling rate up to 400 kHz
  • Compact instrument with integrated PC
  • Slots for future options
  • Features & Benefits
    All test signals and measurement functions in a single box
  • Generation of a wide variety of analog and – by using the R&S®UPV-B2/-B41/-B42 options – digital test signals
  • Extensive measurement capabilities, on analog and also – when the R&S®UPV-B2/-B41/-B42 options are installed –digital interfaces
  • Efficient as well as multichannel FFT analysis with a resolution down to the mHz range
  • User-programmable filters can be adapted to the measurement task at hand in only a few seconds
  • Everything included, no peripherals required
    Key Facts
  • Suitable for all interfaces: analog, digital and combined
  • Parallel measurements on up to eight channels
  • Up to 80 kHz bandwidth and 200 kHz sampling rate
  • User-programmable filters for analyzer and generator
  • Compact instrument with integrated PC and low height
  • Features & Benefits Powerful and fast
  • Parallel measurements for high throughput
  • High measurement speed throughout the system
  • Ideal for use in production
  • Multichannel measurements by means of cascading
    Key Facts
  • Available as input and output switcher
  • Cascading of up to 128 channels
  • Operation directly from the R&S®UPV or R&S®UPP audio analyzers
  • Control via RS-232-C or USB 2.0 for handling universal applicationsC
  • Features & Benefits Wide variety of applicatons for all kinds of audio measurements
  • Surround applications in homes, multichannel mixing consoles in sound studio environments, multichannel amplifiers as well as the adaptation of several DUTs in production are just some examples of the wide variety of applications that are possible using the R&S®UPZ audio switcher. As an add-on unit to the R&S®UPV and R&S®UPP audio analyzers, the R&S®UPZ is directly operated from the graphical user interface. Remote control, e.g. in production environments, also runs via the audio analyzer.
  • Users can also control the R&S®UPZ audio switcher directly from a PC via its RS-232-C or USB 2.0 interfaces.