Equipments For Education

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  • Signal Generator – RF & Microwave Frequency Range
  • Spectrum & Signal Analyzer – RF & Microwave Frequency Range
  • Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) – 3.6GHz, 8GHz, 13.6GHz, 40GHz or more
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope – up to 4GHz
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • Radio Monitoring System
  • EMI/EMC Pre-compliance Trainer
  • Material Measurement System (Study of Microwave absorption of Materials)
  • Field Strength measurement / Study of Mobile Tower Radiations
  • General purpose Test & Measurement instruments
    MIC LAB KIT & Vector Network Analyzer :
  • To check Simulation of Micro strip Antennas
  • To measure S-parameter of Microwave devices
  • Testing of a Micro strip coupler
  • Study the Characteristics of λ/4 and λ/2 Transmission Lines ?
  • Study Smith chart (or) VSWR measurement
  • Antenna reflection measurement
  • RF & Microwave filter characteristic
  • RF & Microwave Antenna isolation
    RF Digital Communications Lab:
  • Digital Modulated signals – BPSK, QPSK, QAM, 16QAM, 256QAM generation and analysis
  • Constellation plot of Digital Modulation Signals
  • RF Field Strength Study, DRIVE TEST TOOLS:
  • EMF measurements Systems:
  • Evaluation of total emissions, individual radio servicesOr individual frequencies.
  • Measurements in line with all common EMF standards and measurement methods
  • Correct evaluation even of complex scenarios or RF signals
  • EMF measurements Systems:
  • Measurements in line with all common EMF standards and measurement methods
  • Correct evaluation even of complex scenarios or RF signals
  • Software provides setting up of Limit lInes for the emissions as required by the users
  • Choose the Mid Performance Electronics Test & Measuing Instruments
  • Oscilloscopes , Arbitrary & Function Generator, Frequency Counter, DC Power Supplies, Spectrum Analyzers etc.

Spectrum Analyzer :

Vector Network Analyzer :

  • Antenna System Trainer
  • MIMO Test Trainers
  • Noise Figure Analysis Trainer
  • Communication System Trainer
  • AND MORE . . .
5G Software Defined Radio SDR Lab
4G LTE Mobile Communication Lab
3D Antenna Training Lab

The 5G SDR-LAB is a software programmable hardware transceiver which allows limitless communication laboratory experiments to be performed on a single device. The entry barrier is lowered to include the undergraduate students by providing a graphical programming environment.

The 4G LTE NIB Network in a box is a Mobile communication Lab MCL04 is intended for lab use and ideal for universities and testing labs. It allows replicating small 4G LTE Advanced (Voice + Data) cellular network. It makes it easy for you set up an LTE Advanced network release 10 as per The release 10 is a recent version of LTE with advanced technologies like MIMO. The lab is complete with reconfigurable EnB’s, multiband LTE cellular phones and EPC pre-configured. The lab is future ready to handle 1Gbps future data rate with software provided for exceptional value and performance.

Communication Training & Measurement Lab is based on the latest generation of radio architecture. The complete setup consists of a USB powered calibrated software-controlled RF Signal Generator and a calibrated software-controlled RF Signal Receiver, software-controlled Stepper Motor based 3D rotating and mounting fixture, Linux based Data Visualisation and Management Software study material, experiment manuals and video tutorials.

Far Field Antenna Measurement System
Internet of Things Training Lab
Phase Array Antenna Training Lab

  • Azimuth antenna Pattern: 360 degree.
  • RCS Measurements (both monostatic and bistatic) to be carried out from 1GHz to 40 GHz.
  • Radiated emission (RE) and radiated susceptibility (RS) test of equipment under test per MIL- STD461 E/F.
  • Suitable for MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output), OTA (Over The Air), LTE (Long Term Evolution) lab.
  • Shielding Effectiveness (SE): Min. –100 dB from 500 MHz to 1.0 GHz and min. –80 dB from 2.0- 18.0 GHz.
  • Shielded Structure: Modular PAN type maintenance free with 2mm GI sheet structure.

  • Software Defined Transceiver based Internet of Things Analyser for Wireless Sensor Networking Lab
  • Create your own protocol, algorithm, stack for IOT
  • Understanding of the sensor network hardware
  • Sensor network development environment build
  • Sensor network configuration method
  • Data transmission among Modules using the sensor network
  • Description of each sensor supplied in the equipment
  • ZigBee Module and programming of the sensor control program
  • Sensor data collection using the sensor network
  • Programming knowledge of the PC monitoring software
  • Cross over from Mesh Network to Internet
  • Open Source Electronic Prototyping Platform to build series of increasingly complex projects
  • Fully Scalable sensing and actuation systems
  • Learn about power management, source routing
  • Sensor control using the PC Monitoring software
  • Different kinds of sensors including Accelerometers(1-axis, 3-axis), Biometrics, Capacitive, Current, Flex / Force, Gyros, (1-axis, 2-axis, 3-axis), ID, IMU, Infrared, Light / Imaging, Magnetic, Proximity, Radiation, Sound, Temperature, Weather.

  • The Phased-array Radar training lab PAT04 is a software programmable hardware transceiver which allows limitless antenna communication laboratory experiments to be performed on a single device. PAT04 has been designed to unravel the mysterious subject of antenna beam steering in lab environment. Beam steering has been an abstract concept with theoretical formulation and computer simulation until now. Such antennas are extensively used in high power radars, which could not be presented as a model in the lab for student experiments. The high power of these devices would not be safe for indoor use and the exorbitant price would exclude any live practical. We offer a comprehensive system with PLL signal generator for energizing the antenna and PLL receiver for testing the beam patterns. The phased array antenna is mounted on a Stepper motor controlled rotator for polar plot measurement. Antenna phase controller is provided to steer the beam with any user algorithm.

    Synthetic Aperture Radar & Inverse SAR Training Lab
    Satellite Communication Training Lab

    Synthetic aperture radar is a type of radar which is used on aircraft and space-based systems like probes and satellites. The purpose of synthetic aperture systems is to scan the landscape or target area of interest over which it travels.

    Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar operates under the same basic principle but with one key difference: ISAR uses the movement of the target itself to generate its reading, rather than the movement of the radar emitter. ISAR is used in military applications for identifying and targeting objects by their movement.

    The Satellite Communication Training Lab is a highly configurable and adaptable training and research and development system optimized to implement modern communication technologies. The complete system consists of Earth Station Transmitting Emulator, Earth Station Receiving Emulator and Satellite Emulator. All three sub-systems consist of Software Programmable Hardware transceiver which allows limitless satellite communication laboratory experiments to be performed on a single setup. Implement existing satellite communication standards using real-world modulation schemes and parameters. Software programmability of the system allows it to be upgraded, making it obsolesce-proof.