Modular Instruments

CompactTSVP Test System Versatile Platform
R&S®ATSI100 Infotainment Test System
    Key Facts
  • Comprehensive system approach:
  • System oriented, compact basic unit and modular instruments for DC-, LF- und RF- signals from own production
  • Floating stimulus und measurement technology
  • Optimized signal concept (analog measurement bus, Rear I/O concept)
  • Conceptual solutions to handle high voltages and currents
  • Integration of DUT supply modules and loads
  • Integrated adaptation concept for DUTs
  • System technology allows combination of functional and in-circuit test
  • Wide range of functionality in a compact system design, ideal for in-line applications
  • High test speed (by „intelligent“ modules)
  • Standardized and powerful software modules (GTSL, EGTSL) with simulation and tracing possibilities
  • Support of the operating system Microsoft Windows XP™
  • Integration of cPCI/PXI-Modules from the market without modifiation
  • Integrated selftest secures readiness of system use and allows detailed diagnostics in case of system fault
  • On site calibration possible
    Key Facts
  • Remote control via LAN
  • Onboard power amplification
  • Selftest functionality
  • Radiated signal survey
  • Module configuration software
  • Hot-swapping capability
  • Interface to process control systems
  • Future-ready and economical enhancement