Dynamic and Precise Time Delay
Broadband Laser Module
Programmable Optical Delay
  • The custom module developed by General Photonics generates up to 4 mm of optical delay at up to 100Hz. The precise control is enabled by custom polarization control circuits.
  • The custom modules developed by General Photonics generate light with >120 nm bandwidth centered at either 1310, 1420 or 1550 nm. Additionally, the modules were configured with both a High-DOP output port and a Low-DOP output port. Dimensions are application specific.
  • The General Photonics ODG is customized for each application based on range and resolution needed. Typical specifications: Total Delay range up to 2 ms (600 km) Delay resolution up to 12 bits Low insertion loss (~0.5 dB per bit) Low delay dependent loss (DDL Fast delay changing speed )
Polarization Scrambler for Severe Temperature Conditions
Form Fitting DGD Module
  • Operating Wavelength 1525-1650nm
  • Insertion Loss 0.05 dB without connectors
  • Scrambling Rate: 10 to 12.5K points/second
  • Operating Temperature −35 to 75°C (case temp)
  • This module generates precise, repeatable amounts of DGD. Its DGD range and resolution, as well as the size and electrical interface, are all customized.