Executive summary

A Semiconductor Service company with extensive product development experience in markets such as Aerospace, defense, automotive, biomedical, embedded systems, consumer electronics, audio and video,wireless,networking and security. Our focus is to enable global customers with innovative IC Design, Embedded software, Software Testing and System Design Solutions. With teams of Excellent Project management and talented engineers, Conet is providing quality services at competitive cost and it helps customers to convert their product ideas into reality. Our engineers are capable of delivering solutions from Concept to Silicon. We specialize in providing onsite support for mission critical tapeout tasks such as power integrity, timing closure and chip finishing. Our biggest strength lies in extensive hands-on experience of taping out multi-million gate designs and working on advanced process nodes (10,14,16, 22, 28, 32, 40, 45, 65, 90, 130, 180nm). We understand the importance of time-to-market, hence our dedicated team ensures that we deliver solutions on-time and first time righ

We are passionate about our products, technology and services as well as our customers, it shows in the level of service of services we offer to our customer. We have the expertise in ASIC/SOC architecture design,RTL Coding and Verification,FPGA Design &Prototyping, Synthesis & STA,Formal Verification,DFT,PD,Analog Mixed Signal Design & Layout.If you are looking for a solution for your needs, we are happy to help. Our expert team of engineers is always looking for complex problems to find solutions.

RTL Design and Design Verification
  Design Expertise
  • IP/SoC Design and Verification
  • Expertise in developing verification testbench components for chip/module level using Verilog/System Verilog/C/C++
  • Expertise in verification methodologies like eRM/OVM/UVM to develop extendable test-bench/test-cases environment.
  • Micro architecture development
  • Test Plan, Test Bench Development, Development of BFMs, Monitors, Checkers Block level, Sub-system level, and SoC-level verification
  • Defining and executing detailed verification plan from spec working with architects, designers, system engineers.
  • Writing tests, debugging tests, automating regression scripts and regression environment.
  • Incorporating code-coverage, functional coverage, assertions, cover-groups etc to achieve 100% verification completeness prior to tape out.
  • Functional and Code Coverage Analysis
  • Low Power Verification (CPF/UPF flows)
  • Gate Level Simulations
  • Expertise in PCI-E 1-3, USB 2/3, DDR 2/3/4, SATA, HDMI, AHB, APB, AXI, SPI, I2C, UART, I2S, ARM Cortex A53, A15, A7, Gigabit Ethernet
Physical Design Services

We specializes in Netlist to GDSII generation using both Cadence and Synopsys flows. We not only maintain leading EDA infrastructure for physical design, but also employ a team with dedicated subject matter experts with rich experience in the physical design flow and methodologies critical to achieving optimum performance, power, and area. Our proven flows and methodologies ensure that the design gets through the range of foundry specific DRCs, LVS and ERCs precisely to avoid multiple iterations to avoid delays and stay on schedule.

Our key offerings as part of our Physical Design services encompass the following:
  • RTL Synthesis
  • Design for Test (Scan, ATPG, MBIST, LBIST)
  • Design Partitioning
  • Qualifying Libraries and Design Constraints
  • Low Power Design
  • IO Planning, Floor-Planning, Power Planning
  • Place & Route
  • Clock-Tree synthesis
  • DFM
  • Full-chip timing/SI closure, static timing analysis and sign-off
  • Logical Equivalence Checks
  • Physical Verification (LVS, DRC, ERC)
  • ECO Iterations for Functional and Timing fixes

Our Verification Team compliments taking care of Netlist verification at various levels of GDSII generation including SDF annotation, and ultimately aids run Sign-off verification. We also help our customers make the choice of foundry for tape-out, which is one of the most critical aspects of the process. Team has strong expertise in implementing low power techniques – Clock Gating, Mulit-Vt, Voltage Islands, and Power Gating.

  • Constraints Preparation and Validation
  • Logic Synthesis and Physical Synthesis
  • Physical Design (IO ring, Floor planning, PG Planning, Place, Optimization for Timing and Power, Clock Tree Synthesis, Routing, Post Route Optimization)
  • Low Power Expertise – Clock Gating, Multi-Vt, Voltage Islands, Power Gating
  • EM & IR drop analysis, SI Closure
  • Timing Closure and Static Timing Analysis
  • Physical Verification (DRC/ERC/LVS) Foundry
  • 500nm all the way down to 16nm/14nm/10nm/7nm
Analog Layout

Conet has been involved in tape outs targeted to 14nm/10nm/7nm process nodes. The team has experience with TSMC, Global and Samsung Foundries. The team has expertise in handling layouts on high-frequency PLLs. The team has expertise in PMUs, RF designs, Memories, Data Converters, and IOs.

  • Floor planning, Placement, Routing
  • Matching transistor pairs
  • Shielding critical nets
  • EM&IR analysis and repair
  • Expertise in Data Converters, IOs, Clocking Circuits (PLL, DLL), Serdes, Memories, PMUs and RF layout Foundry
  • 500nm all the way down to 16nm/14nm/10nm/7nm
  • Expertise in Bulk CMOS, SOI and BCD processes
  • System Engineering

    Conet provides design and development services on the range of embedded platforms, based on Microprocessors, Digital signal processors, FPGA and associated peripherals. Our System Design and Engineering abilities make it helpful for organizations across various industries like Defence, Medical, Telecom, Consumer or Automotive Electronics. Modern electronics device design has evolved significantly with ever shrinking components, growing processing power and high level of integration. And developing such devices is a multi-stage process, to name a few – understanding the requirements, planning the hardware, identifying the right components, capturing it as schematics, developing the PCB, Gerber Generation, PCB fabrication, component assembly and finally board bring up.

    Our Committment

    We customize solutions to our client’s unique problems, methodologies and design styles, consistently exceeding expectations and providing valuable and trustworthy service. We take customer-centered approach to all problems. Every engagement begins with establishing a thorough understanding of our customer’s goals. We appreciate your specific design styles and methodology, and we have the flexibility to step in and work with virtually any application.

    CONET OFFERS Sales of Refurbished Instruments from our World Leading partners


    A wide range of USED / REFURBISHED products are offered for Sale. The product range includes Digital Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer, Video Test,Wireless test products, RF Recorders etc. The refurbished units are supplied with Warranty Support & Calibration from the OEM. The availability of products varies from time to time.


    Covers the areas of Telecom, Datacom, Video Test, Optical, Broadcast, RF & Microwave, Wireless Communications, General Purpose Test, Digital, semiconductors, etc

    Benefits of Buying Refurbished Instruments
    • The products are sparingly used for Demos, exhibitions and Trade shows
    • The products are almost Like new products due to its limited use
    • The products are supplied after refurbishment and Calibration
    • Warranty support from the OEM / Manufacturer
    • Available at your door step – No painful processing of Import/re-export logistics
    • Refurbished units (with warranty) helps in minimizing Initial investment & helps in great cost saving